Malodours can come from different sources : chemical and biological. The odour breakdown technology actively reduces chemical malodours (e.g. PU foam) by neutralisation.

The Faibr-x technology prevents the development of biological malodours. Treatment has a dual activity in preventing the odours from a biological source and complexing the chemical malodours. For more details, see technical details section

For each mattress or pillow we sleep on, for each towel we wipe our face with, we have the same requirement: HYGIENE. Nobody likes the idea of microbes populating their textiles, attracted by moisture and dirt, causing health-discomfort and bad odours.

At Faibr-x, we found a way of chasing bad odours and disarming unhygienic surfaces. Environmentally safe and skin-friendly. And making sure your textiles stay soft!

Anti viral/ anti microbial treatment is a Nano-technology process of embedding nano metre sized (1 Nano metre is 0.0000000000001 KM) spikes in the cloth fibre. When a virus or bacteria comes in contact with the cloth, this Nano spike attracts and physically destroys these virus/bacteria making them completely harmless.


The Faibr-x Antiviral treatment has been tested by ISO18184 standards on MRSA, SARS-Cov2, Corona Virus, Influenza, H1N1 and double enveloped Vaccinia Virus.

Not all situations are risk-free: If you lean against high-touch surfaces, which may have been exposed to virus or bacteria, there may be more of a chance that your clothing could harbour the virus. And if you work travelling in public transport, or offices with high people density, or in a health care environment where, the risk of your clothing being exposed to viral particles may increase.


Faibr-x provides a unique QR code for each treated cloth. This QR code provides all information regarding treatment type, date, efficacy and technical details. Also customer can request for BPB test (only for Anti viral, anti microbial or anti odour) at collection centre for further satisfaction.

All Faibr-x treatment is effective upto 3 months or 10 normal home washes. The efficacy remains above 99% upto 10 washes.


With every treated cloth, Faibr-x provides a QR code. While scanning, the date of treatment and expiry will be displayed. It is advised to keep Tag with QR code safe for future reference

Faibr-x nanotechnology and its ingredients are certified by OekoTex Class 1 and has been evaluated by CDSCO, ISO and NABL labs human and environment safety. Non Metal, Non Silver, Non Itching technology is safest for new born and toddlers.

The treatment is absolutely safe for all kind of fabrics including colour safety, softness, texture and durability.

Faibr-x Insect and Mosquito repellent treatment provides repellence

during outdoor activities. It is a microencapsulation technology, wherein Nano sized capsules filled with insect repellent solution.  With friction, these microcapsules break and release this insect repellent solution. This unique microencapsulation technology protects various textile substrates from insects such as bed bugs, moths, mosquitoes, carpet beetles and ticks. No binders are used, the fabrics remain soft and breathable.

99.9% effective against all kinds of microbes, bacteria and viruses. See test report section for more details.

Faibr-x offers encapsulated FR technologies. Encapsulated Flame retardant products do not interfere with encapsulated probiotics or other actives agents in fabric.

The flame retardant active will only be released when needed, in case of fire. This product has less influence on handle and is not hygroscopic compared with standard FR salts. Softness and safety guaranteed. These treatments protect people from the hazards of fire ignition, but also protect the environment from hazardous chemical substances.


Faibr-x is a step towards enabling future ready clothings that protects, safeguards and also provides a safer life to humans.

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